Electrical WiringB&E Refrigeration and Electrical are skilled and equipped to provide a range of electrical services for all sectors including commercial, mining, agricultural and residential.

We service Geraldton and surrounding areas and have a team of qualified electricians ready to service your electrical requirements.

Our electrical service areas are:

Electrical repairs and maintenance

With our wealth of experience in remote site maintenance we understand the importance of regular routine maintenance and inspections of critical electrical appliances, components and infrastructure. Through a diversified work field we have established reliable parts suppliers and technical support bases which enables our staff to keep equipment operating efficiently and downtime to be kept to a minimum.

Lighting installations and upgrades

Whether it is a new lighting for your home, patio, shed or floodlighting an external work area, B & E can provide you with quality parts and workmanship for all your lighting needs. With many different options for home and workplace lighting on todays market and continued increases to energy consumption charges, the time is right to become more energy efficient through the use of modern technology.

Power installations and upgrades

Whether you have an existing dwelling, are extending or are building a new one, B & E can provide you with quality parts and workmanship for all your electrical power supply needs.

Test and tagging of portable appliances and tools

B&E Refrigeration and Electrical can inspect and test your workplace and residential Portable Appliances in accordance with OHS Regulations. With quality modern testing equipment we can quickly create you a register of equipment, have it stored electronically and print you your personalized tags as equipment is tested. This leads to less downtime of your equipment and a reliable source of stored information for the management of your assets.

RCD testing

B&E Refrigeration and Electrical will inspect and test your workplace and residential Fixed and Portable RCD’s in accordance with AS/NZS 3760:2010 and state based legislation.  A simple trip test will be conducted, along with an Operating Time test to ensure your RCD switches off the power to your circuits within the required time frame. On completion of our service we can provide you with electronic and hard copies of all results for your records.

Smoke alarm testing, replacement and repairs

While smoke alarms may all look very similar, they may be quite different in the way they work. Essentially there are two types of Smoke Alarms, Photo electric and Ionisation, and both are designed to detect fires differently to each other. They operate at either end of the spectrum of fire detection.

Additionally, there are special alarms for specials needs, such as for the hearing impaired or for particular parts of buildings.

B&E have the necessary qualifications to test and repair all types of smoke alarms to give you peace of mind at home or in the workplace.

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